The University Football Program is experiencing exciting times. We would like for your business to be a part of the future success through the “Hire a Player”. The “Hire a Player” is where local businesses employ student athletes to work during the summer. Many Football players enjoy the Christian environment that the city has to offer and would prefer to stay in town year round. However, a large portion of the student athletes come from single parent and low income homes. For these reasons they are unable to afford the cost of living during the summer months in town and must return home.

As a Local Business you can help these hard working and dedicated athletes to stay in town during the summer by hiring them at your local business. The work ethic that these young men display on the field is sure to be seen in the work environment. Hard work is nothing new to these athletes, and if there are any problems we can guarantee you that it will be taken care of immediately.

By becoming a Boss not only are you supporting the individual athlete but you are also helping the entire Football team. Keeping as many players as possible in the area during the summer allows them to work together more, forming a stronger team. Football teams are not made from August to December they are made before two-a-days even begins. If you are interested in becoming a “Boss” and making a difference in a young man’s life please contact us.

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