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What Constitutes A Good Coach?

Ability To Recruit

Ability To Coach

Good Personality

Ability To Recruit

Knowledge of recruiting region

Good work ethic

Good organizational skills

Ability to find “diamonds in the rough”

Ability to communicate with recruits, parents, and high school coaches

Ability to recognize and evaluate talent

Vision: “Look into Tomorrow”

Ability To Coach

Technical knowledge of position

Communicate with players

Motivate players

Poise, “ability to handle pressure”

Belief in discipline

Up-to-date with state of the art coaching trends and techniques

Bright and imaginative

Good Personality

Compassion for game and profession

Compassion for athletes

Honest with staff and players

Family values and positive role model

Ability to communicate well with boosters, alumni, press

Obligation to be fair and loyal

Qualities Expected From Coaching Staff

Loyalty: United we stand, divided we fall

Consistency: Preach and teach what you do

Confidence: Believe in self, staff, philosophy, and players

Pride: Show pride in everything you do

Effort: Give tremendous effort, have a great work ethic

Humility: Check your ego in at the door

Poise: Work well under pressure

Openness: Be Open to new Ideas

What The Coaches Expect From The Players

To be disciplined

To be tough

To be competitive

To have a burning desire to become a great college football player

To never surrender

To be a team player

What The Players Can Expect From The Coaches

To be loyal (we will build and practice loyalty to this University, the administration, the faculty, the coaches, and our teammates)

To teach you how to become the best football player possible

To coach with enthusiasm

To never ridicule or question your courage

To listen to you

To be demanding of you

To make team decisions

To be fair (no special treatment)

To assist you after graduation

To make college football exciting and the best experience of your lifetime